Real world gas and driving data of a small SUV

Pumping expensive gas
This is probably more of a curiosity for data-minded people than anything, but here is the complete gas price, gas mileage, and miles driven for the nearly four years I drove a compact SUV.

Commentary Stupid Stuff

Big crime in the top rated city of Fort Collins, Colorado

Police car
Yes, Dorothy, even the #1 rated town of Fort Collins can have issues.

Commentary Hardware

Maybe, just maybe, customer service isn’t dead

Logitech G15 keyboard
A recent experience with a customer service call left me (gasp) satisfied and happy!

Commentary Money

Oil companies are simply passing-on the costs. Yeah right.

An oil pump/oil rig
Exxon is passing the costs right into their company cash coffers as they prepare to surpass the mighty Microsoft as the most cash-laden US company.

Commentary Stupid Stuff

Lawyers Gone Wild! Patenting the tin can and string telephone

Tin can phone
Don’t worry – the patent has expired so you won’t have to pay royalties when your kids build one, but the amazing thing is that this patent was ever granted to begin with!