Billionaires need budgets too!

Larry Ellison's yacht
Who would have thought that a multi-billionaire needs to watch his $1.35B credit limit?

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The life and business of an Everquest gold farmer

Ever wondered how the life of a professional gold farmer worked and just how much money they made? Read-on for this well-written account of one person’s Everquest farming business and commentary about the sad state of affairs in Everquest even today, long after its peak.

My tax return for that year which has salary from 2 months of my job which I quit to make this my full time business, showed $150,623.78 after expenses. By this time I had made another character on another server and bought myself another computer and was playing on two. I killed guards in everfrost and sold the weapons to vendors and then bought items from players, or sold the platinum. That’s the entirety of what I did to make that income.