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Information on careers in the game-design field

Pac Man screenshot
It’s not all fun and games – there’s real money to be made and incredible challenges to overcome.

Video Games

I got a new Nintendoy DS Lite today – here are the unpacking photos

Nintendo DS Lite
Even though the official launch date for the new Nintendo DS Lite handheld game system is June 12 in the USA, I scored one today, May 31! Here are some pictures showing it being unpacked for those not lucky enough to have scored a unit.

Money Video Games

A $600 Playstation 3? The Atari 2600 is $653 in today’s dollars

A cash vault you'll need to empty to buy the PS3
Interesting chart shows inflation-adjusted prices for game consoles all the way back to the Fairchild Channel F.

Fun Stuff Video Games

Funny Nintendo Gameboy Micro commercial from Canada

A rat
A lab rat shows us just how good the new (at the time) Micro is.