Weird Stuff

Cop computers interfere with Dunkin’ Donuts computers

Oh the irony… When going through the drive-through of a Dunkin’ Donuts, the New Hampshire police have to disable the radio modems on their mobile computers to avoid interfering with the store’s sytem.

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Play dozens of emulated C-64 games in a browser!

Wow – talk about a nostalgia flashback – Play your favorite C64 games right in your browser!


Mag-lev elevator announced

From the “cool ideas” sement of the net: Toshiba announced a mag-lev elevator design that is supposed to be online in some Tokyo buildings in 2008.

Commentary Windows

Unreleased Windows Vista already receiving security patches

Windows Vista Logo
Windows Vista Logo
This is NOT shocking in the least, but Microsoft is already patching Windows Vista FOR THE SAME .wmf flaws that are present on XP/etc.!

Arcade Video

PBS show: The Video Game Revolution

Arcade image from PBS
I just found-out about a show that PBS produced called The Video Game Revolution which chronicles the history of video games all the back to their basic roots in the 1960s.