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Call to arms – first tech-support post on the forums!

Well, I must admit that the response to my forums (and site in general) has been even weaker than I was expecting 🙁

Tonight, after about a week online, we got our first post (from Mrs. Peel) regarding a Choose Wisely mode problem. I have no idea what is going on with that problem, so I need to call-in you other collectors and get this thing rolling!

Let’s get some DIY electronics/hardware-hack things posted too. I know how much everyone in the pinball circles loves enhancing things and working-around poorly-designed gizmos in our machines! I chose a fully-featured forum system which should be easy to use to post technical write-ups/etc., but please let me know if I need to enable something or make a change to make it more useful.

And, as a final reminder, the forums are NOT just for Indiana Jones – please, chat about any game and remember there are arcade-video forums too!

Weird Stuff

Glow in the dark pigs?

Glowing porkers
How weird is this? Some Taiwanese researchers have created a few glow-in-the-dark pigs by adding genetic material from jellyfish. It sounds like they’re planning to put the concept to good use, rather than just make it a circus-style freak-show, but it’s still pretty weird.

Apple FreeBSD Linux Windows

Thunderbird 1.5 e-mail client released

Well, after a long time in development, the Mozilla project’s Thunderbird 1.5 has been released.


Gumstix – pre-built microcontrollers with many options

These microcontroller boards have options for wireless ethernet, wired ethernet, USB, and other goodies for semi-reasonable prices (as far as embedding in projects).

Apple Computers

First new Intel-based Macs announced

From a running commentary at Macworld, Steve Jobs has just announced the very first Intel-based Mac. It will be an iMac using a dual-core Pentium-M (Yonah) chip. It should be significantly faster (and dual-core to boot) than the previous iMacs and available at the same price.

Looks like there will also be a MacBook Pro laptop model with integrated iSight camera. It will also be based upon the “Core Duo” (dual-core Pentium-M “Yonah”). Should be interesting! I’m not sure if I’d spend the money on revision 1, as Apple typically does alot of tweaking after finding the problems with rev1 stuff, but hopefully there will be some thorough reviews from people who actually buy them