Commentary Hardware

Seagate tech support is cut and paste garbage

Seagate support didn't even read my e-mail
Contrary to the wonderful support I received from Logitech some time ago, the brand new Seagate 1TB FreeAgent drive I just bought exemplifies the worst in support.

Electronics Retro Computing

Retro 8 bit BASIC computer is a blast from the past

Retro Computer System runs BASIC
Get in the computer time machine and travel back to the days of a simple computer that’s programmed in BASIC and boots in under 1 second. Or, you can buy the Retro Computer System.

Fun Stuff

Time to clean the fridge – working in an all male office

When you’re in an office filled with computer nerd guys, the refrigerator is bound to grow a moldy nugget or two here and there. What do you do when you find an especially furry food nugget?

Electronics Video Games

Simple DIY microcontroller based video game console

Homebrew microcontroller-based video game console
This open-source hardware and software project shows just how much can be done with modern microcontrollers. It implements a fully functioning, NES-class programmable video game system in just a couple chips, a few resistors, and some other miscellaneous components.


Review of the PDO Flipp case for iPhone 3G

Apple\'s iPhone 3G
After having the awesome DLO Folio leather case on my iPod Touch, I wanted something similar for the iPhone 3G I just got this week. Unfortunately, finding flip-style cases for the 3G isn’t that easy yet since the products are all pretty new. I decided to take a gamble on the PDO Flipp and here’s my quick review.