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Original Indiana Jones Artwork

This page was started because of an e-mail I received from Dangerous Dann. He is "connected" enough to actually know enough to know the artist (Doug Watson) who did the original IJ backglass artwork! Rather than rewriting what Dann said, I'll just cut/paste:

First the link... Of course you have to click on the Indy thumbnail image to take you to the larger one. There's a story behind this website. It was actually written to help Doug SELL his original art after getting let go by Bally/Williams in the first of the great Talent purges. And then the big bad WMS lawyers pounced on us like so much raw meat. Fortunately certain key people stepped in and got off our ass (and let Doug keep his art) as long as we changed the site to be informational and a "service to pinball"... (you'll notice I had to add the "For Evaluation purposes only" tag to sorta munge up the art... supposed to keep someone from just snagging the art and using it illicitly or something).

Don't forget to visit Doug's "career" page. There's a VERY special picture of Doug holding up his original Indy art I think you might like. You are welcome to "borrow" this one thumbnail and the full size image of Doug and his Indy art but you MUST give credit to both of us (I'm the photog) and a link to my original site.