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Disneyland Indiana Jones pinball machine logo

Several people were kind enough to e-mail me this very clean photograph of the Indiana Jones pinball machine at the Indiana Jones Adventure ride in Disneyland:

Disneyland Indiana Jones pinball machine in the gift shop

I'm afraid that I don't know very much about this machine, other than it is placed in the gift shop that's associated with the ride. It looks like you can play it, too.

I like the trim pieces they've placed around the backbox edges. On my machine (as many other IJ's I've seen), the plywood has some defects on the visible edges of the backbox. This might be a clever way to hide it. The wood texture that placed around the machine is pretty cool too. It's even on the lockbar. I wonder if it's some kind of plastic laminate or if they actually painted a normal lockbar...

Thanks to whoever took the original photograph that was posted to the R.G.P. newsgroup! This is a very nice, crisp shot! I haven't been to Disneyland in 9 years or so, but the next time I'm out there, I'll be sure to get some more info on this machine! (In addition to playing pinball, I'm also a Disneyland/Disneyworld/roller coaster/amusement part nut, so something like this is a real treat!)

Update: This report was provided by Gary Hoh on the Disney IJ:

You can indeed play the IJ pinball at Disneyland. I played it when I visited in December.

I was surprised at how clean the playfield is and that everything worked! Had a pretty killer game...got two extra balls on my first ball and passed the game over to a couple of kids who were watching after my second ball.

No replays on the game...just extra balls. I think you get an extra ball at 250M.

The wood frame makes it hard to wrap your hand around the machine because the flipper buttons are recessed a bit under the wood.

The stuff on top of the backbox is different than when I played it. When I played it, it had the bag on the left side, which looks the same, but on the right side, there was a dark brown crate and a snake hanging off the right corner.

Update: This report was provided by disneywizard on the Disney IJ:

The gift shop that's associated with the ride is called: The Indiana Jones Adventure Outpost.

The machine is themed by Imagineers to look like the old Ballyhole machines, with real wooden rails and lockbar. The bamboo is steel with a coat of epoxy resin and painted. This was not done to cleverly hide defects in the backbox. They theme many of the arcade machines in the park. None of the pinballs in the park can replay, they are set to novelty, with no match. High scores get extra balls.

When the attraction first opened there were three things attached with screws to the top of the machine. A box of ammunition, a brown fedora and a whip. Two more boxes were built to raise children up off the floor, one of which can be seen under the machine in the photo.

It had, for a very long time, been serviced by incompetents. The path of adventure wasn't working for three years, flipper coils were burnt out. The Grand Champion High Score "WIZ" was accomplished in three hours by yours truly.


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If you have any neat info on this machine, please let me know and I can get it posted.