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NOTE: This section is still under heavy construction. I will not be able to complete the speech listing until I get convenient access to my machine. Please bear with me...

This is a list of the various lines of speech contained in Indiana Jones -- The Pinball Adventure. You can see the merits of the DCS system by noticing the great amount of digitized speech present in this machine.


RoA = Raiders of the Lost Ark

ToD = Temple of Doom

LC = Last Crusade

"Indiana Jones... I always knew someday you'd come walking back through my door." -Marion (RoA)

"I hate the water, and I hate you!" -Willie (ToD)

"I keep telling you! If you listen to me, you live longer!" -Shorty (ToD)

"Junior? It is you Junior!" -Dr. Jones Sr. (LC)

"Holy smokes, my friend! I'm so pleased you're not dead." -Sallah (RoA)

"See ya tomorrow, Indiana Jones!" -Marion (RoA)

"Don't touch anything." -Indy (ToD)

"You cheat, Dr. Jones!" -Shorty (ToD)

"You're medling with powers you cannot possibly comprehend" -Marcus (RoA)

"And zis is how we say goodbye in Germany..." -Nazi ??? (LC)

"You must choose... but choose wisely." -Knight (LC)

"You have chosen wisely." -Knight (LC)

"You have chosen poorly." -Knight (LC)