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About the gearboxes used in IJ

If, for some reason, you cannot find a replacement gearbox for your Indy, the following info may prove to be useful. Please note, however, that one fellow IJ owner purchased a brand new PoA gearbox for $45 from his local Williams distributor. I would recommend shopping alternate sources before using the information below.

The motor/gear box assemblies used in Indiana Jones -- The Pinball Adventure were manufactured in Racine, Wisconsin by a company called MultiProducts.

You can have them rebuild your Idol (# 14-7982) or PoA (# 14-7988) gearbox for about $45. They will also sell you a "new" (rebuilt?) gearbox for about $70. When you contact them, you will need to provide the Spec. Number that is stamped into the box you're replacing.

These gear boxes seem to be more troublesome than the motors themselves. Maybe once I get moved, I'll check into machining completely new gearboxes (don't hold me to that, though!)

Thanks for the supplier info, Dave!